Dell 930W Hot Swap Power Supply KX823

Dell 930W Hot Swap Power Supply KX823

Купить Dell 930W Hot Swap Power Supply KX823

Category: Dell PowerEdge 2900
Sub-Category: Dell Power Supply
Part Number: KX823
Power Provided: 930W
Auto Switching: Yes
Cooling: Active Fan
Fan: Internal
PFC .95 - 1.0

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Dell 930W Hot Swap
Redundant Power Supply

For Dell PowerEdge 2900 Servers

Part Number(s)
Dell Part# WJ910
Dell Part# U8947
Dell Part# 0KX823
Dell Part# D9064
Dell Part# 0U8947
Dell Part# 7001049-Y000
Dell Part# A930P-00
Dell Part# Z930P-00
Dell Part# 310-7407
Dell Part# KX823
Dell Part# XF938
Dell Part# XF937

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Category Dell PowerEdge 2900
Sub-Category Dell Power Supply
Generation 930 Watt
Part Number KX823
Device Type Power Supply
Power Provided 930W
Auto Switching Yes
Cooling Active Fan
Fan Internal
PFC .95 - 1.0
Manufacturer Dell

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